June 26th, 2017

Dear reader,

We had a great meeting last month and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 3/7/15.

Meeting Recap:

We had a great meeting and learned about ruby on rails and the new View layer tool set called react.js.  See a great lesson on it here: http://tylermcginnis.com/reactjs-tutorial-a-comprehensive-guide-to-building-apps-with-react/


We talked about ways to re-use the USB thumb drives that come with Dell laptop's that have the OS on them.  They are write protected and require a rewrite of the firm ware to remove the write protection. We talked about how enterprises that standardize on Dell's laptops will end up with a bunch of 8 GB sticks that would make nice utility storage devices because they do not use them for a roll back os installer because they have a custom enterprise os image of their own that they install over the top of the pc before they deploy them. 

We did  not come up with a solution so we hope that one of our other members has a solution. 


We shared some web resource links including:


http://businessmodelgeneration.com/  A great site for helping to plan a busines on a white board.

https://googlecloudplatform.github.io/appengine-php-wordpress-starter-project/  - A site to help you build a cloud based WordPress web site on the Google App Cloud Services 

https://c9.io/  A great web based IDE.

https://www.nitrous.io/ - A great web based IDE with a desktop editing system.

Thank you to all the new members and returning members who came out today.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting March 7th, 2015


 Michael Scott McGinn, Group Leader 

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