Month: April 2014

3 methods to get your web site created.

So you want to create a website and you don't know where to begin?

Getting a web site on line is a task you must consider at the earliest possible stage in your planning for your organization because with out a web presence of some type you really do not exist in the minds of your customers.

People expect to be able to find you on line when they search for what you provide. Coupled with traditional advertising methods of yellow pages, radio, tv, out door advertising and other off-line printed media your web site usually is the clincher to getting a prospect to take action and contact your organization to seek engagement with you via e-mail, web forms, telephone calls and in-person visits if you have a physical location they can visit.

Your available budget will dictate the methods which are the most viable to you.

This infographic will help show you some different methods you have to get your web site developed.



Link Resources List

Here are the links to each of the sites listed in this article.

B2B Developers

Best suited to larger organizations with higher available budgets $10,000+

B2B Designers

Better suited to medium sized orgnizations with budgets $2,000+

B2C Amateurs : DIY Users

Better suited to smaller organization, startups and home based business with budgets $500+

Also good for testing ideas for interest before you invest in a custom web site development project once you determin an interest level in the idea.


How do I sell music on-line?

I was doing some research for a friend about how to sell music on-line.  Here is what I found.
There are some considerations you will need to address with your delivery of web services for your music clients that want you to produce a web site for them to sell music via download.
Here are the major music distribution services pages related to getting music and related media distributed on them. You will need to set up accounts on here for your clients and for your self.
Apple - iTunes - Working with iTunes - Sell Your Content - Music Provider: FAQs
Google Play for Artists: Sell your original music
Amazon Seller Services
Once you have an account on each of these then I can help you set up your client's site to sell music downloads.
If you wish to accept and process payments on your clients web pages then you will need to also activate a SSL certificate with GeekZoneBooks.Com ( Digital Certificate  ) for the site so you can securely accept credit card info.

Regarding the CGI contact form....

HTML5 Forms

If you need me to spend my time to create forms and such for you clients....
I charge $65/hr It takes me about 2 hours to set up a form system.
I accept payment via paypal in advance for development services.