Day: April 14, 2014

How do I sell music on-line?

I was doing some research for a friend about how to sell music on-line.  Here is what I found.
There are some considerations you will need to address with your delivery of web services for your music clients that want you to produce a web site for them to sell music via download.
Here are the major music distribution services pages related to getting music and related media distributed on them. You will need to set up accounts on here for your clients and for your self.
Apple - iTunes - Working with iTunes - Sell Your Content - Music Provider: FAQs
Google Play for Artists: Sell your original music
Amazon Seller Services
Once you have an account on each of these then I can help you set up your client's site to sell music downloads.
If you wish to accept and process payments on your clients web pages then you will need to also activate a SSL certificate with GeekZoneBooks.Com ( Digital Certificate  ) for the site so you can securely accept credit card info.

Regarding the CGI contact form....

HTML5 Forms

If you need me to spend my time to create forms and such for you clients....
I charge $65/hr It takes me about 2 hours to set up a form system.
I accept payment via paypal in advance for development services.

How do I sell my book on-line?

My uncle asked me how to sell a book on-line so I did some research and sent his a quick list of resources he could check. I thought it would make a good blog post too.
1. Selling  for Amazon - Being an affiliate is easy to signup for. I am one and maintain a book store at

 (Scroll down untill you see the book store section)
2.Selling on Amazon - Once you have a book either hardcopy or kindle e-book formatted you can sell it on Amazon. You will need your ISBN Number and Barcode established here:

3. Directly selling your self published book through CafePress.Com is easy once you have your book in PDF format. See my shop there:

4. Another good site to directly sell you PDF through is GumRoad. I have a site up there at this url:

This is a simple to setup site for selling/giving away while building a mailing list:  PDF's, tickets, videos, music and subscriptions.

5. If you have information that changes on a regular basis then maintaining a blog may be a good option.  For example if you built a following of people who watch what you are buying/selling you could do your trade each day and then post a announcement about it to your blog and your subscribers would then follow your lead. I don't know if having a bunch of people do what you do right after you do it would be a good thing but if it would be then building a large following of other day traders would be good for marketing your books to once they trust your trades to be well researched. I build blogs for authors. Check my latest one out:

 Skype ID: waptug
I build my business via referrals. If you know of someone who would benefit from my services I appreciate your trust in me and offer you this web site to register your referral to me.