Month: April 2014

What do we do at meetings for WapTug?

Our meetings are laid back round table events. We sip our favorite beverage at Tullys and talk about the world of web application programming. All kinds of topics from what do you think about web apps language XYZ to have you seen this new cool site that does xyz, to know anybody looking for a web developer or know anyone that wants to learn more about web apps. Definitely not limited to these topics and sometimes we get off on some interesting tangents and tell stories about our individual history with working with technology in general. Each member brings some interesting tid bit of news or a cool find they have used to share with the others. Others give perspective on other members web sites and help them define a better user interface or tweak the user experience. So definitely bring your questions and your curiosity about the big wonderful world of the world wide web, internet and computer technology in general.
If you are interested in what makes the world wide web work and how all the devices work on it then this is the right place for you to spend some time each month.Visit our web site at to see the 3d slide show presentation about the Web Application Programming Technology User Group known as WapTug.Org