Month: October 2014

New BabyBubbles C++ project kickoff.

WapTug.Org C++ Project Kickoff

Extending the C++ Code base of ToddlerKeys


I am beginning a quest to teach my self C++ to create a cool program to keep infants and little kids from messing up a computer left on but not locked.

I have gotten the C++ source code to a really cool program that will serve as the starter code for our new club project.  It is called ToddlerKeys.

You can learn more about it here.

Download the code from here


I am actively seeking team members for this development project. We will need a number of different skill sets including any combination of the following: C++,VisualStudio,html5,css3,javascript,mysql,php,jquery,nodejs,apache,ngnix, visual UI design. I will also need graphics artist illustration using illustrator, photoshop, gimp,,3d modeling.

Here are my initial thoughts on extending this application:

Rename program as "BabyBubbles Fishbowl"

Concept: Screen saver game or app to lock the screen but allow for interactivity until a unlock key sequence is entered such as "quit" or "mypassword", etc. with an active simulation of life in a fishbowl ecosystem.

Targeted parents of infants 9 months+

 Core features:


  • Lets babies play with the keyboard and safely press any key combination without harming the pc or windows or the phone.
  • A special combo of key strokes will exit the program to keep them out of the system.
  • Each key stroke will trigger the action of creating a shape object on the screen.
  • Each object will then live on the screen and interact with the other objects in various ways when they touch.
  • Objects will possibly move about the screen and change properties at random times.
  • Object space will exist in 3 dimensions and possible a 4th considering time history.
  • Each running instance will be/can be network aware of other running instances on other devices if device is connected to the internet and registered at the master control server.

 Object Properties:

Base Object

Location: x,y,z

Color, #000000 - #ffffff

Shape: Circle, Square,Triangle,pentagon,hexagon,heptagon,octagon,nonagon, decagon, hendecagon, dodecagon  (




Bonus modifier:


Action when collide:

Action when clicked:

Action when created:

Age in Milisecs:

Action when destroyed:


Obj Actions:


Play sound

Change property randomly

Destroy object

Spawn new child object (Which will possible follow Parent object around screen until a certain age at which it will not follow the parent but follow on its own path?)

Actions and rules for interactions based on a rule set similar and inspired by the game of life simulation.

Rules for mating between objects:

Of the possible polygon shapes each can successfully mate with other like polygons but the color of the polygons will help determine the color of the spawned polygons based on color mixing rules such as adding each color with the other mates color to spawn children of the mixed color.

Objects must be of spawning age before they can successfully spawn with other mates.

Random number of child objects spawned based on max number of sides of the parent polygons added together.

In the case of circles there will be at max 4 children.

Destroy actions:

Hunter polygons: (Used to help maintain a balance of objects on the screen)

Circles will attack other circles of different color when a collision happens.

Random d100 roll plus age of circle + color value + bonus modifier will be used to determine winner of collision.

Hexagons will attack all other polygons of any color.

D100 + number of sides + age + value + bonus modifier will determine winner of collision.

The winning object will eat the other polygon and it will materialize inside of the winning polygon via animation sequence and sound effect of say the cookie monster eating a plate of cookies...

As each collision happens the winner gets the size of the looser added to its self and gets the bonus modifier added to its bonus so it gets bigger and stronger.


Spawning communities:

As a population of objects grows to a certain number a zooming scale out of the view port will happen and a spawning community icon will appear (This can be a branded location such as Starbucks coffee stands appearing when the population reaches a certain number)

As soon as a spawning community icon is created then any object that collides with it gets enhancements to its powers and a bonus on collision attacks.

Network Social Interaction:

Each running instance of this program will reach out to a central server to phone home its existence and communicate with other running instances of this program.

The Central server will act as a scoreboard and leader board and social community reporting the activity of the running program keeping statistics and maintaining a profile page for each member.

Each system will have option to maintain state of its ecosystem when it is stopped so that it can pick back up where it left off when it is running again. This state is saved locally on the device and backedup on the master server.

Each running instance could also process some type of task like the atomic projects and crowd sourced processing such as Seti at home.

Objects living in one system could leave the space of the spawning system and interact with the other connected systems and leave a cookie crumb trail of activities that would be archived in the statistics of the global community.

Like fish they might return to the home spawning system to seek out mates for duplication.

Invitation to Join our project as a volunteer member.

To join our project please like us or tweet us.

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