Month: June 2017

Learn to code in Python 3.x this summer.

Open call to anyone interested in learning how to program computers using Python 3.x.
Let's get together in person and/or on-line and lets learn how to program in Python 3.x together.

I am looking for people interested in learning how to code in Python 3.x to make interesting applications and games.

Did you know you can create a compiled .exe program using Python and distribute your application to your friends and fans for them to use? They will not need to do anything but run download the program and run it.

Python is an open source programming language that has a large following.

You can even make a web server using Python and create interactive web site applications and web based games using the free language.

Together we will learn about planning an application, using git to track our code development and explore various frame works for developing and shipping code.

Visit WapTug.Com and register for membership and get your on-line WebIDE activated so you can get going with others interested in coding. Our WebIDE is collaborative and allows you to code the same program with others in a pair or small group. You can see what your team mates are typing and you can type at the same time too.

Learn about Python at

And get a good start with some cool videos here

Here is the link to the course we will be covering together here:

Thanks for reading and keep coding!

Worlds best html cleaner

I found a fantastic site that has mastered the service of cleaning up html, css and javascript code. makes it super easy to copy from other programs such as Word, Excel and off other web sites so you can post the content into other systems such as WordPress or your company CMS.

I was trying to copy a bunch of tables out of a word document in to another cms system for a page update. The simple copy and paste just did not work because my content cot jumbled up when I pasted it in to my cms. I tried saving the table as plain text but that did not work as I lost my columns.

I wanted to be able to paste in clean simple tables converted from a word document so I just had to find something that worked well. did the trick.

Check it out.