Month: September 2017

Coffee Shop Poster is a success

Yesterday 9/13/17 I dropped off 10 flyers that I created to advertise the WiFi access for the coffee shop I visit each morning before work.

Today I come back to check on the flyers and they were all gone.  This is great news.

I asked the barista that works in the morning if the stack had been thrown away or if customers had actually taken them.  He said the stack of flyers did not get thrown away so customers must have taken it with them.

The cool thing about the flyer is that it also advertises my free web site hosting offer and advertises my 2 web play projects to the customers that jump on line at the cafe.  So great take rate and targeted to a customer that would very possibly be open to giving my free web site hosting service a try.

Here is the flyer that I am distributing there.

I am glad the owner is allowing this to be distributed as it is giving me great ideas for approaching other coffee shops to do the same thing and just could possibly lead to multiple distributor points for new resellers for the hosting services at