Blackfriday 2017 update on the future of the world.

Running fast on black friday..... will the internet keep up?  Will Amazon keep up with the orders?  Will they be able to deliver all the orders on time?  If they can it will be a very bold statement to the massive success of Amazon in winning the bet on internet order fulfillment.

Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Microsoft and all the rest....  it is so amazing how far the internet has grown and become so critical to business and society.  In the short time of 1969 to 2017 the internet has become the most effective tool in communications and selling in the history of the world.

Convergence is done.... all media is available in real time online.  Did you get ahead of it and cash in on it?

The next revolutions will be in VR/AR, AI, Robotics, Biology, Genetics and 3D printing.

Are you positioned and ready for them?

Will the next 48 years result in an order of magnitude of innovations?

I am 48 now so another 48 years makes me 96.    Will I still be living? Will the world still be habitable or will human nature have taken us to global genocide from environmental, biological and/or nuclear destruction?

Learn how to grow food....  and defend yourself from hunger.

Learn how to tend to the soil...defend yourself from hunger.

Learn how to convert saltwater and contaminated water to potable water.... defend yourself from thirst.

Learn how to teach others to do the same.....defend yourself from ignorance.

Learn how to fight.... and defend yourself from the hungry thirsty ignorant masses who refuse to learn.

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