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Blogging tips and resources on how to make money.

Blogging tips and resources on how to make money.

SO you wish to make money blogging and have it make money over and over again?

READ and follow the advice on this post for the proper steps to position your blog correctly and reap the rewards from your content creation efforts. You found this blog post from a search or a link on another site so you know it has been correctly positioned to appear where people are looking for tip on how to make money blogging.

Save this page link and check back often because it will have links to videos and other articles that will help you learn the steps and processes used by successful bloggers to create income from blogging.  It will grow over time as I research and test out the tips and resources that I post here.

You will be able to adapt the tips to your own blog here on waptug.com and together all of us will grow in our craft to create passive income from our blogs.

Thank you for reading and watching our site. Please like it and share it with your social networks. Feel free to link to it in your posts on your blog so your visitors can benefit from it.


Michael McGinn


Tip #1 - Learn how a blogger went from $0 to over $10,000/month using blogging.

Great books for learning more about blogging:



About the author:

Michael Scott McGinn creates resources for others to explore the world of web applications and learn how to create them at WapTug.Org

He also creates WordPress multi-site blog farm blogging sites and makes them available to the community at WapTug.Com.

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