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Generic Top Level Domain Name List

What follows is the list of all the new gTLD's or generic Top Level Domain names.  Take a look and see if any of them are interesting to you and then head over to GeekZoneBooks.Com and add them to your wish list. You will get an email when they go live for registration.

Protect your trademark - Register it here then make your wish list.

Q. I have a trademark for a particular term/word/phrase. How can I ensure I get the domain name with that term?

ICANN has introduced a Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to simplify domain registration for trademark holders. If you have a trademark for a particular term, we recommend you have it registered with the TMCH. Once you do this, you will be issued a unique document called an SMD (Signed Mark Data) file, which will enable you to register your trademark name with any of the new gTLDs. You can learn more about this on the TMCH website -

gTLD's List YouDomainNameHere.airfoce YouDomainNameHere.antivirus YouDomainNameHere.aquitaine YouDomainNameHere.architect YouDomainNameHere.asscociates YouDomainNameHere.banque YouDomainNameHere.corp YouDomainNameHere.ecom YouDomainNameHere.financialaid YouDomainNameHere.finish YouDomainNameHere.halal YouDomainNameHere.helsink YouDomainNameHere.home YouDomainNameHere.hoteis YouDomainNameHere.hotel YouDomainNameHere.indians YouDomainNameHere.ira YouDomainNameHere.islam YouDomainNameHere.kid YouDomainNameHere.mail YouDomainNameHere.medical YouDomainNameHere.mozaic YouDomainNameHere.parsis YouDomainNameHere.persiangulf YouDomainNameHere.pets YouDomainNameHere.retirement YouDomainNameHere.roma YouDomainNameHere.sports YouDomainNameHere.terra YouDomainNameHere.tour YouDomainNameHere.translations YouDomainNameHere.web YouDomainNameHere.webs YouDomainNameHere.קוֹם YouDomainNameHere.ابوظبي YouDomainNameHere.اتصالات YouDomainNameHere.ارامكو YouDomainNameHere.العليان YouDomainNameHere.بازار YouDomainNameHere.بيتك YouDomainNameHere.شبكة YouDomainNameHere.عرب YouDomainNameHere.كاثوليك YouDomainNameHere.كوم YouDomainNameHere.كيوتل YouDomainNameHere.موبايلي YouDomainNameHere.موزايك YouDomainNameHere.موقع YouDomainNameHere.همراه YouDomainNameHere.一号店 YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere.线 YouDomainNameHere.大众汽 YouDomainNameHere.广 YouDomainNameHere.广州 YouDomainNameHere.爱你 YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere.普利司通 YouDomainNameHere.机构体制 YouDomainNameHere.欧莱雅 YouDomainNameHere.马锡 YouDomainNameHere.深圳 YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere.盛貿飯店 YouDomainNameHere.贸饭店 YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere.通用电气公司 YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere. YouDomainNameHere.香港電訊 YouDomainNameHere.點看 YouDomainNameHere.

Protect your domain name trademarks – generic Top Level Domain Name FAQ’s

Protect your domain name trademarks. 700+ new gTLD's are going into sunrise period. Register and protect your domain name trademarks now. If you do not have your trademarks registered then anyone can register a new domian name using your trade mark and you would not know about it until it was too late to do anything to protect your trademark from abuse.
2014-01-17 16_38_55-New Domain Extensions
Q. What is Sunrise?
When a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) extension launches, there's a short period where domain names can not be registered by everyone, but only by those who have a trademark for the term they wish to register. This ensures that trademark holders can secure their names and safeguard them against malicious registrations. The Sunrise period for a new TLD lasts from 30 to 60 days, after which all names in that TLD are available for anyone to register.
Q. How do I register my trademark domain name in Sunrise?
To register your trademark as a domain name with any new gTLD, you must first submit your trademark to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). On doing so, your trademark will be verified and you will be assigned a signed mark-data (SMD) file, which can be used to register your trademark against any of the new gTLDs. To register your trademark now, please visit https://secure.trademark-clearinghouse.com2014-01-17 16_39_28-New Domain Extensions
Q. What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?
The trademark clearinghouse (TMCH) is a database of verified trademarks that are already registered with the appropriate trademark offices. It provides trademark holders a single point of access to be able to register their domain name with any new gTLDs that launch in the future. Apart from offering Sunrise registration support, the TMCH also offers a trademark claims service that helps trademark holders monitor any attempts to register domain names that may contain their trademark.To know more about the trademark clearinghouse, please visit
Q. How can I get my trademark registered in the TMCH?
To register your trademark with the TMCH, please visit Alternatively, you can register your trademark through any of the TMCH authorized agents, listed here
Q. What are the costs for registering domain names in the Sunrise period?
The fees for registering your trademark with the TMCH are described here. These fees are not included in the price of the domain name being registered. The registration price may vary depending on the domain name, and may include a non-refundable application fee.
Q. Is Sunrise registration the same as pre-ordering?
No. Unlike pre-ordering, Sunrise is a definitive registration process which assures the trademark holder that their domain name registration request will be taken up before any one else without a trademark attempts to register the name.
Q. What happens if someone else also places a registration request during Sunrise?
If multiple trademark-holders place a request for the same domain name, the registry may put the domain name to an auction, where the highest bidder will be allowed to register the name. Placing your Sunrise registration request is essential to take your place in the auction.
Q. Can I register my trademark domain name after the Sunrise period for an extension is over?
After the Sunrise phase is over, trademark holders do not get any preferential treatment for registration of their domain name. So, you may not be able to register the name if anyone else beats you to it, even if they don't have a trademark. If you would like to secure your name against a particular TLD or TLDs, you should do so in the Sunrise period itself.
Q. I've paid for my Sunrise domain name and completed the process. When can I start using my domain name?
Most registries tend to allocate Sunrise domain names at the end of the Sunrise period, typically before general availability begins for the gTLD. As soon as the registry allocates the domain name, we shall alert you about it and you can then begin using the name.
Bottom line is if you don't take steps to protect your domain name then you will have limited ability to legaly protect it in court.
If your brand trademark is worth protecting then it is worth registering every possible use of it and having the traffic point to your web site.