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Happy New Year 2018 Goals For WapTug.Com

Wow what a great year for tech.  WapTug.Com grew and added a new blog farm and IDE signup system. We added a new Game Score Leaderboard API system project and perfected a spin text twitter posting system.

So going forward in 2018 we will be working on getting weekly local face to face code groups going in Lake City, WA and putting together a yearly HackAThon/Maker Fair/Hour of Code event in LakeCity and growing our presence on school and college campuses with local computer clubs and coding study groups.

Your help is requested in any and all of these projects. Just help out by posting and sharing articles and posting code in the WebIDE.

Help activate school chapters of WapTug by starting a group/club in your school.

Help a friend do the hour of code or post some code in the WebIDE.