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Current projects

We have 7 active projects that need team members to join in on.

Our club web site needs developers, designers and copywriters to build out the site and come up  with interesting content.

We are working on building a Windows 32 bit C++ application to provide a key lock application to allow a toddler to play with a computer and make it do fun things with out being able to mess up anything on the computer with a random sequence of key strokes.

We have the source code for a program called ToddlerKeys (http://tk.ms11.net/) that we are going to extend into our new application called BabyBubbles.


We have the source code to a fun space shoot'em up game called Arena5.  It is a HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript based game that the author has released the code into the wild so others can modify it and make it into something new.  We have it hosted at WapTug.Org so you can play it and download the source code so you can modify it.

We have a project to create a highscore server web service API that the game can write the high score to each time some one beats the previous high score.  Then we will release this web service API so it can be open to the general web for other games to connect to and retrieve and store high scores on also along with the name of the player.


We have a project to create a game out of some cool playing cards that one of the graphics design group designed for sunday school kids at Eastlake Community Church. We have the digital files and we can use them as assets for some type of game.


We have a web based IDE tool hosted at WapTug.Net that will allow members to code up web applications on line and test them out. We are working on integrating this tool with WordPress so the membership databases are shared so a Single Sign On account will work on both systems.

We also are building a resource directory for all things web applications for speeding up the search for resources for new web application programmers.

We have a WordPress network setup to allow our members to create blogs and document their progress on working on our projects and showcase projects of their own.