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Cloud 9 Web IDE saves the day!

[headline style="4" color="black" tag="h1"]Cloud 9 Web IDE Saves The Day[/headline]

1 week after launch of the V3 of Cloud 9 Web IDE..... Fantastic Job from the Cloud 9 team. I was able to run my WordPress for Teens Class at Bellevue College using Cloud 9. I had the good fortune to get the email about the launch 1 day before my class was to run. I had planned to use a free web hosting offer that I had found at FreeHosting to give each student a web server to build and learn about WordPress with. Using a shared hosting plan from our College campus classroom proved to not work because the classroom computers all shared a public IP address and were Nated behind it. This proved to cause the FreeHosting site to be blocked by the college firewalls for some reason. So trying to access our cpanel for the accounts proved to not be possible from in side the class room. This was not the fault of FreeHosting but it was caused by the default port of cpanel to be blocked by the classroom security permissions. So I gave Cloud 9 a try and was amazed and delighted that it had no problems working from behind the firewall and shared IP address issues. The 5 students taking my class were served very well. No issues in getting an account created. Each student was able to create a free account on c9.io and launch a WordPress development virtual machine. This also allowed the students to collaborate with each other by sharing their editor urls with each other and granting permission for them to edit each others code. The group chat was also very helpful to create a dialog between the students that allowed them to experience what working on a virtual team in a distributed environment would be like. All-in-all working with cloud 9 really was a god send of very productive abilities. I look forward to using cloud 9 to teach my next adult class next week.


See the Cloud 9 blog post about V3 here.  https://c9.io/site/blog/2014/07/announcing-the-all-new-cloud9-development-environment/#sthash.5fCDa35w.U3zAc0PL.dpbs