How to thank people that refer you to others by using ReferralKey

I grow my web hosting and development business by referrals. People that I have done good work for in the past share my info with people who need what I do.

This is great for me and great for the people referring me out. I always personally thank the people who send me great referrals.

I use a slick referral tracking system called ReferralKey.  This web-based tool saves me time and encourages my associates to actively refer me to their friends and business associates.  ReferralKey allows me to manage the referrals that get sent out and track how they work out.  I can also facilitate sending a thank you gift to the people that send me the referral if the referral turns into a revenue producing client.

ReferralKey also provides the ability for me to endorse  any of my contacts and give them the opportunity to return the favor.  After an endorsement is approved it will show up on my referral profile page.

The ReferralKey system will also let me post updates to my activity stream that gets shared with the others in my network. This is a great way to give helpful articles and postings that benefit the reader and enhance my brand value.


Instructor: Michael Scott McGinn
Instructor: Michael Scott McGinn



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