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WapTug.Com Launches WebIDE

Today we launch our redesigned and enhanced WebIDE and Blog Farm.

Jump on over to http://OnLineInteractivity.Com and check out our new launch page.

Signing up will get you some cool spiffs.


Free 1 page landing page you can build and design using the Weebly Cloud drag and drop web site designer and a theme code editor.

Free WebIDE account with a web application coding environment on line with team coding ability for remote teams to collaboratively code at the same time on the same code.

Free WordPress blog on our Blog Farm that will allow you to spin off other blogs for your friends.

Access to the social networking stream that all the blogs on our network can post to.

Technical Forums to share your coding questions.

Plus each member of our blog farm can contribute ideas to make our blog farm network better.

You can jump in and start working with what ever technology your interested in.

We even have computer equipment for sale if you want to explore being a maker.

So please share this post with your friends.

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What say you about this?