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SnohomishCountySpeedingTickets.Com Web Site Developer9/1-2014 – Present
Designed and developed WordPress 4.0 site from customer’s existing html only site to provide blogging system and lead generation system.

TheFreeGiftOfGod.TodayWeb Site Developer - 10/1/2014-Present
Designed WordPress 4.0 site from customer concepts to provide blogging, church locator mapping and mailing list management system for global outreach project.

Sign2Me.Com – Web Site Developer 5/8/2014 – Present
Redesign site to be responsive and fix hacker issues with Google for SEO

CentralSkagitMedicOne.OrgWeb Site Developer  4/1/2014 – Present
Created custom WordPress Theme for local ambulance authority for Skagit County. Uploaded content and selected desired plug-ins to provide desired site functions. Created shared hosting account and registered domain. Trained web site operators how to update site with posts and pages. Provide on-going support and site update patching services. Set up domain email system. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql
MediterraneanKitchens.NetWeb Site Developer 3/7/2014 – 4/1/2014
Converting a Joomla 1.5 site into a WordPress 3.8.1 Site for restaurant. Setting up hosting and domain name registration and transferring domain from current registrar to my service. Providing site owner with training on how to use WordPress to post content on web site. Designed theme using Artisteer. Installed various 3rd party plugins to extend functionality of default WordPress web site.  Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

DanaManciagli.ComWeb Site Developer 2/14/14 – 9/1/14
Provide site support and modifications to site theme for WordPress Site, Installed a content post slider system to show case her media placements. Created a new page to market her services to recruiters and created a form system and a document downloading system. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql
TheFiveAbilities.Com Web Site Developer 2/10/14 –3/31/14
Provide site support and modifications to site theme for WordPress Site. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

MichaelScottMcGinn.ComWeb Site Developer 1/1/14 – Present
Developed personal portfolio and branding site to centralize all projects and build personal brand. Working with WebYDo, Cloud9 and OpenShift PaaS Technology to create on-line cloud presence. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

VocesDeSantafe.OrgWeb Site Support 11/8/13 – 7/14
Provide Joomla support and site modifications as needed. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

MarthaLeValley.Com Web site developer 11/1/13 – Present
Provide support for site modifications to html based site. Provide computer support. Provide business marketing consultation and project formation ideation. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript

HermanWallace.ComWeb Site Developer 10/28/13 – 2/14/14
Upgraded web site to reflect new versions of existing Joomla code base. Migrated Joomla 1.5 site into Joomla 3.2 site to deliver document seller e-commerce solutions to on-line streaming video and medical training services company. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

HealthInfoNetwork.OrgWeb Site Developer 9/20/13 – 10/15/13
Provided consulting services to educate site owner on proper version migration steps to upgrade a Joomla 1.0 site to 3.2. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

On-Line-Interactivity.Com Web Site Builder 1/1/2000 – Present
Project site to allow members to establish on-line IDE coding accounts to edit and display live web app projects. Project builds synergy between various S.T.E.M. projects to encourage students to learn web application programming technology. Built on the open source CODIAD Web IDE. Custom built html5,  php and jQuery front end landing page. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql, jQuery, revealJS, codiad, nodejs, integrated various payment platform APIs including Pay with Amazon, Paypal and GumRoad.

PeaksFrozenYogurt.ComWeb Site Redesign Developer 7/13-Present
Created a mobile first web template for existing WordPress based site. Coordinated hosting solutions and built and configured Virtual Private Server for site using LAMP Stack technology. Integrated Facebook, twitter and various proprietary 3rd party web services using API’s to seamlessly integrate content in the website. I also provided project management oversight for artistic concept development portion of the job. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

MyGeekZone.NetWeb Site Builder 4/13 – 4/14
Created a Magento Community Edition based e-commerce websites to generate sales for products, e-books and services. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

MyGeekZone.Net/resumeWeb Site Builder 4/13 – 4/14
Created a Twitter BootStrap/php/mysq/JavaScript based portfolio portal to showcase my web site projects. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql - Web Site Builder 3/13- Present
Created a WordPress site to show case our group projects created by our group for other groups at Eastlake Community Church. Created an on line IDE for collaborative coding and social code sharing of code via GitHub Integration using the WOIDE script. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

HeyKiddos.ComWeb Site Builder 3/13 – 7/14
Created ecommerce web site for selling products. Built system using Magento community edition as base. Integrated with 3rd party web services, and crm systems. Created middleware JSON API hooks to integrate the sales funnel for leads to customer conversion. Integrated various 3rd party php classes and javascript libraries including MySql.Class, jQuery, knockoutJS and AjaxCRUD and built front end using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap framework  to create management control dashboard system. Created php based database applications to provide management of mysql database system. Provided training and support to site owner on proper use of web services. Setup and configuration of web server system on Linux shared hosting service.

FinancialBallGame.ComJoomla Trainer 1/13-1/14
Provided training support for site owner in site modification and management functions for Joomla 2.5 based web site. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

WhittleWalla.ComJoomla Trainer 1/13-1/14
Provided training to site owners on proper operation of Joomla 2.5 based site for configuration and maintenance upgrades. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

SeattleBiometrics.ComJoomla Trainer 1/13 – 2/13
Provided training to site owner on proper operation of Joomla 2.5 based site for configuration and maintenance upgrades. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

WasteWarriors.Com Web Site Builder 11/12 – 2/13
Created Joomla web site to generate leads for local waste removal company. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

Northlight Communications, Inc. - Web Site Project Manager 10/10 - 4/12
Hands-on project manager for a team that created a web site using Joomla 2.5 to provide a portal for their instructor’s network to manage their profile web sites.  Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

Bellevue Police Foundation - Web Site Builder  4/10 – 9/10
Modified, developed and maintained a Joomla web site to raise foundation donations and promote the mission of the foundation. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

EcoMoversMoving.ComWeb Site Builder 6/09-12/09
Created public facing Joomla web site to generate leads for local moving company. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

WapTug.OrgWeb Site Builder 10/09 – Present
Created a network of web sites ( WapTug.Org, WapTug.Net, WapTug.Com ) to promote and manage college club projects to create distributed micro cloud server system development to provide hands on experience for college students that want to learn how to build and provision virtual private servers appliances. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

SustainableBothell.ComWeb Site Builder 6/09 – 6/14
Developed web site for local Bothell, WA community volunteer organization. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

RoostersRendezvous.OrgWeb Site Builder 6/2009 – 6/14
Developed web site for local community pea-patch community garden organization located at Country Village in Bothell, WA. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

JoomlaForGeeks.ComWeb Site Builder 1/09 – Present
Developed web site for managing local Joomla users group of Bothell, Wa. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

Elixirs.ComWeb Site Builder 2/2003 – 3/03
Created a user testimony application using cold fusion markup scripting language and created Microsoft SQL server schema to hold customer submitted testimonies. Languages used: cmf,html,css, ms sql

MTBN.NetWeb Site Builder 19/8/2000 - Present
Created web site using my hosting service’s web page builder product to promote services I offer to clients. Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

NexIsGen.Com Web Site Builder 5/1/11 – 4/14
Created a project web site for a college class to explore PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, CakePHP, html5 and css3. Site project is a code documentation creator system that parses source code into html presentations with syntax color coding and expandable functions and classes.  Languages used: html5,css3,JavaScript,php,mysql

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