• mike posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    So an idea for coffee shops to create a great marketing opportunity… using the need for customers to find thier wifi password as the way to get them to ask the barista for it. Then the barista will hand them a flyer with marketing information on it and it will have the widi ssid and passphrase on it. The ssid will be the name of the location and the passphrase will be long and random and hard to memorize. This sets up a process for the shop to change the password on a regular basis like weekly or monthly or daily depending on how often they want to update the marketing information on the flyer and print new ones.

    • This also would work well using a brochure stand display to distribute the 3 fold flyers or 1/3 page flyers with the marketing information on them that the customer can pick up on their own with out needing to ask the barista for it if they are busy. This may not be the best because it allows campers to not purchase anything and still get the wifi password. The other way they need to ask the barista for it and then they usually do this while ordering something.

    • This concept may work nicely for me to joint venture with coffee shops to provide them with a generic shell master with blank spots in the format for the coffee shop to paste in a business card and the wifi connection information and a special offer coupon. The rest of the space in the flyer would be my syndicated lesson content and ads I sell for my hosting business.