About Michael Scott McGinn

My name is Michael Scott McGinn.

By day I am a full time broadband technician for CenturyLink, Inc. where I sell,  install and service fiber optic based internet lines for residential customers which provide broadband internet service up to 1 gigabit in speed, prism streaming ip tv services and voice landlines.  Check to see if your address is in our fiber area.


I also run a web hosting business ( GeekZoneBooks.Com ) to provide web hosting solutions for customers that want to get a web site online and need a turnkey solution to do so. I also provide the business opportunity to resell web hosting services from one of the top 10 hosting providers on the internet.


I also run a web site creation training business ( WapTug.Com ) which trains my web hosting customers how to build web sites using the top 10 web site creation technologies using a combination of online, inperson, and user group based training courses.



I am married and have a daughter.

I live in Bothell, WA

I am a college graduate from Big Bend College and Cascadia College with a degree in Computer Systems and Web Application Programming.

I have been a registered sole proprietor freelance home business owner for over 25 years. I registered my first business in 1990 as McGinn's Microcomputer Services. See UBI# 601-257-880 at http://www.dol.wa.gov/business/checkstatus.html?hcwp


Just for fun try deploying WordPress on the CenturyLink Cloud....  https://www.ctl.io/developers/blog/post/deploy-wordpress-janrain-social-login