What is WapTug?

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WapTug is the Web Application Programming Technology User Group.

We like to learn about web application programming technology.

We have a WordPress blog farm multi-site network with BuddyPress running on it so we can chat about web application programming technology.

We have weekly meetup's so we can meet each other face to face and build connections.

Registered members are welcome at our meetings and are invited to create a blog and request an account on our web based integrated development environment.

We aim to establish chapters of WapTug.Org in schools and colleges all around the world and have them host their chapter blog on our blog farm multi-site network system.

We also aim to establish chapters in churches and non-profits around the world to create opportunities for our members to help them build web sites and have a technical support network available to ask questions and get help from other members.

One of our members worked on a project to create a global church locator system at http://TheFreeGiftOfGod.Today in order to connect with other churches around the world.


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